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Naming the Elephant (pg 20)

1. What is prime reality-the really real?

Prime reality is something majority or all people believe in such as religion, or common faith.

2. What is the nature of external reality, that is the world around us?

The nature of the external reality around us is that everyone believes in one thing or another. Some people believe in the evolution of humans while many believe that they are all children of God.

3. What is a human being?

A human being is someone who can interact with others using language and emotions. What separates animals from humans is the ability to use knowledge and experience to associate and socialize with others.

4. What happens to person at death?

At death, a person is released from the surface of the Earth spiritually but not physically. While the body remains in the Earth, a dead man's spirits and souls look to go to a much better place, heaven, or a cursed place, hell.

5. Why is it possible to know anything at all?

It is possible to know something at all because every moment we face, and every thing we see, we perceive them as experiences. In addition, as innate gifted learners, we take every experience into something we know.

6. How do we know whats right and wrong?

We know that something is right and wrong by either nurtured experience or intuition. Ever since we are born, we are given the ability to decide whats right and whats wrong. Therefore, deciding is second nature to all human beings.

7. What is the meaning of human history?

Human history are traces of evidence that humans have existed or created revolutionary actions. History forms the future and human history is important because without the knowledge of history, we are doomed to repeat mistakes and errors of the past in the future.


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